at yoga+ express McKinley
More Yoga For Less At yoga+ Express

More Yoga For Less At yoga+ Express

yoga+ has established a number of long-running studios in Manila that cater to beginners and aspiring yoga teachers alike. I frequent their weekday afternoon Flow classes. The afternoon schedule and length of class is perfect for me since I get off work early in the day. It was a delight to learn that they have launched a new yoga studio concept that caters to a bigger and busier audience.

A comparison between yoga+ & yoga+ express**

yoga+ express offers the signature yoga+ classes for a lesser price tag.

 yoga+ yoga+ express
Mats  Free Rentals at Php 40
Towels Free towels for a small deposit fee Rental price dependent on package
Classes  Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Hot, etc Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Hot, etc
Class duration  60, 75, 90 mins 60 mins
Price per class ₱899 ₱599

I’ve gone to the McKinley Branch a couple of times. I’m impressed at how the studio is always well-maintained despite the hourly class schedules. The tight schedule must make cleaning the space and mats a nightmare!

at yoga+ express McKinley
at the McKinley Branch

at yoga+ express McKinley
Mats for rent at the McKinley Branch

Why yoga+ express

Time. If you want to build a regular practice but couldn’t find the time for it, I think express is a good place to start. Just an hour a day’s commitment is a huge difference from the regular yoga classes that normally last for 75 or 90 minutes.

Price. It can’t get any cheaper than Php 599 per class. You usually get this kind of rate if you buy classes by bulk.

Inclusive. Teachers prefer a very inclusive approach to teaching. I’ve never encountered a teacher that wasn’t friendly or approachable to anyone. There is no feeling that you’re not good enough for what is being taught. Even the studio partners at the reception area make you feel welcome.

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