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My Top 10 Decathlon Finds (with Pricing!)

My Top 10 Decathlon Finds (with Pricing!)

Cali and I paid a long-overdue visit to the Decathlon store in Alabang. Originating from Europe, Decathlon is one of the biggest sports retailers with multiple outlets in the world. It has found its way to our little corner of the world last year, bringing along their own brands such as Aptonia, Quechua, Domyos, and a host of sports equipment and gear.

We spent about an hour sifting through their huge catalog – and we were definitely not disappointed. It is worth a visit. Their warehouse is around 3,000 sqm, to paint a picture. Most of their products can be purchased through their online store at

While my main goal was to find equipment for an upcoming 3-day outdoor festival trip in Japan (Fuji Rock 2018!), I was also on the lookout for items to bookmark as future gift ideas or for personal general use. Cali and I are no gear hoarders or frequent buyers, mind you. In fact, we’re on a constant schedule of selling gear, clothes, and appliances to anyone who might need them. When buying something that we have need for now but may not need later on, we always keep in mind that someone somewhere will always have use for it.

Anyway. Now that we have that mindful consumerism sidenote* out of the way, let me jump straight to the items that caught my eye. I’ve chosen to share 10 from about 20+. I’ll explain why in each item.

* I just felt the need to, since this is, after all, a post about buying – something I don’t do routinely

Product Name Price Range Photos
#10 Women’s cross-training tops and bottoms 

Brand: Domyos

Good for running, training, yoga. Lots of variants, lengths, and XL sizes to choose from. Dri-fit, spandex, cotton.

Tops start at Php 400

Bottoms start at Php 650

Decathlon Philippines
Prices (L-R): Php 700, Php 700, Php 400

Decathlon Philippines
Prices (L-R): Php 900, Php 700, Php 700

Decathlon Philippines
These dri-fit stretch crop and full leg pants are sold at Php 650

Decathlon Philippines
Prices (L-R): Php 900, Php 1100, Php 1500

#9 Cross-Training Elastic Training Band 25 kg

Brand: Domyos

Bought the 25 kg (yellow) band. I’ve used it maybe 5 times. I’m 53 kg and it hasn’t shown any signs of breakage. Good buy.

Php 450
Decathlon Philippines
Prices (L-R): Php 360 (turquoise), Php 690 (red), Php 450 (yellow), Php 940 (black)

#8 Easybreath Surface Snorkelling Mask – Turquoise

Brand: Subea

Full mask for leisure snorkelling. Comes in turquoise, blue, pink, and coral.

Here’s what’s so cool about this mask: it’s action cam ready! A camera mount can be attached. Sold separately.

Php 1100
Decathlon Philippines
Php 1100

Decathlon Philippines
SUBEA camera mount for the mask – Php 70

#7 Cork Yoga Brick and  Yoga Mats

Brand: Domyos

I’ve only bought mats from Manduka, and there is no contest that they are indeed pieces of investment. But sometimes you just need an extra mat that you can leave at your other gym or at another place. I think Decathlon’s mats are good for starters.

The good: all mats come with carrying straps.

The cork bricks (or blocks) looked sturdy! A normal test is to put the block on the floor and put your full weight on it. It shouldn’t bulge. It passed that test, at least.

Yoga bricks start at Php 220

Yoga mats start at Php 500

Decathlon Philippines
This is priced averagely (compared to other non-Decathlon brands) at Php 550

Decathlon Philippines
Yoga mat pricing depending on thickness and material: Php 500, Php 1100, Php 1200, Php 1400, Php 1500.  Again pricing is average compared to Toby’s or Chris Sports.

#6 Ground sheet 3 m x 4 m

Brand: Quechua

It’s hard to find a tent groundsheet that is sub Php 1000. Others substitute a tarpaulin, but that can get heavier especially when rained on. This waterproof groundsheet is very light.

Php 750 Decathlon Philippines
#5 Customized Shirts

Brand: In-house Personalization Department

If you can have your or your team’s name on your shirt, then I don’t see why you shouldn’t go get and get them printed!

Didn’t get the price, sorry
Decathlon Philippines
Apparel purchased from Decathlon can be customized for a price

#4 Air Comfort 120 Two-person Inflatable Camping Mattress

Brand: Quechua

Their airbeds are priced averagely compared to other brands, but what I love about them is the design. Look is basic and color is neutral.

Two-person inflatable mattress starts at Php 1700 Decathlon Philippines
#3 Camping Chairs

Brand: Quechua

Comes in kids and adults sizes and low and high variants.

Starts at Php 600
Decathlon Philippines
Folding chair for Php 600

Decathlon Philippines
Kids’ camping chair for Php 680

#2 Hand Warmer X10

Brand: Aptonia

Can’t beat this hand warmer bundle. Anti- frostbite during winter or summit climbs.

My experience with multiple brands is that warmers can take forever to get hot depending on the temperature. Some also don’t last very long. It’s been a hit or miss. Can’t wait to try this brand.

10 pcs for Php 150 Decathlon Philippines
#1 Inverness 100 Women’s Wellies – Aniseed

Brand: Solognac

It’s been hard to find rain boots for daily monsoon weather use that are not ugly and within a reasonable price. This pair of rain boots are winning in my book.

I wouldn’t use them for long days out in the rain, though. They look like something you would wear to the market on a rainy day. Or maybe for rainy days in the farm.

I didn’t get them yet but I will come back for them!

Php 800
Decathlon Philippines
Ankle cut wellies for Php 800

Decathlon Philippines
Solognac boots when worn

Stop. Think. Buy only what you need.

These fitness equipment are tools. It’s still up to us to get up everyday and actually use them for our advantage. We can hoard all the fitness equipment and gear, but if they stay unused in our closets, then  what is the point?


Will I go back? Yes, but not anytime soon. Distance from my condo is the biggest factor.

Will I recommend it? Yes, but my default warning stays: Always test gear and equipment before and right after buying. Quality check and test indoors before using them outdoors. Research the brand and only go with brands that have established an name.

Price? Very affordable and cheaper than R.O.X. in most cases. R.O.X. sells some of my trusted brands (Salomon, TNF, Mountain Hardwear, Black Diamond) and obviously Decathlon, true to their own brand, does not sell them. I’m not trading R.O.X. for Decathlon just yet.

Quality? I bought the CROSS-TRAINING ELASTIC TRAINING BAND 25 KG and a TWO LOW CAMPING CHAIR. The band is holding up so far. The camping chairs – I’ll let you know after 3 days of camping.

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