Butter Chicken at Om Indian Kitchen
VIDEO: Authentic Indian Fare At Om Indian Kitchen?

VIDEO: Authentic Indian Fare At Om Indian Kitchen?

Off the top of my head, I could name 3 Indian restaurants where I would revisit again and again with no questions asked. Om Indian Kitchen used to be in my top 3. That is not to say that those other restaurants are better. Indian food is not an easy cuisine to appreciate (and even harder to cook, I hear!). But lately, Om Indian Kitchen has been falling short of delivering the quality I’ve known it for.

Cali and I have this thing where we only do Indian food once or twice a month so it’s something we eagerly look forward to. This month, we chose to go back to Om Indian Kitchen. Sadly, the food didn’t quite live up to our expectations. I usually get their Chicken Tikka Masala and have it done spicy. I LOVED it the first time, but I was disappointed when I ordered it again after a few months. Maybe it was the meat that day? I don’t know. Willing to go back to give it another try.

This time, though, I decided to order something I haven’t tried. Hope you enjoy the video below!

VIDEO: Authentic Indian Fare at Om Indian Kitchen?

Plain Naan at Om Indian Kitchen (5/5)

Plain naan at Om Indian Kitchen
One order comes with two generously sized naans (flatbread)

Palak Paneer (4/5)

Palak paneer at Om Indian Kitchen
Cottage cheese with creamy spinach

Pork Keema*

*Cali’s order

Pork Keema at Om Indian Kitchen
Rarely do I see pork in Indian restaurants menu, but here they have it.

Butter Chicken (3/5)

Butter chicken at Om Indian Kitchen

Extra spicy. The sauce tasted better than the chicken. Something was amiss with the chicken – a little bland. Honestly could’ve eaten it without the meat and it would’ve been okay.

Om Indian Kitchen
Pretty Indian interiors await dine-in customers



The good? Hot masala chai (drink)
The bad?  Hit or miss entrées. Sometimes very good, sometimes lacking in promised taste.
Would I do it again? Yes, but I’d order something else.
Would I recommend it? For the price point, yes. Other Indian restos would set you back more.
Need to reserve? No.
Dress code? Casual. The restaurant sits within a residential area.

I’m really starting to doubt if I’m writing a fitness blog, what with all the food videos and photos that I’ve been posting. I love working out as much as the next girl, but I also love eating. Well isn’t this a pickle.

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