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5 Things About Ladakh That I’ll Never Forget

5 Things About Ladakh That I’ll Never Forget

“Magical” seems to be the best fit; it is in the shortlist of words that can fairly describe the scenery surrounding Ladakh. Snow-capped peaks, savage deserts, and mountain ranges that stretch beyond one’s sight bring a feeling of peace. For a moment, your gaze is not fixed to a computer or a smartphone. For a moment, the world lets you experience raw beauty. Allow me to share 5 things that I saw in Ladakh that struck me the most.

5. Window Seat to Leh

One who travels to Ladakh, Northern India may find herself flying in the town of Leh, where an airport is situated some 3700 meters above sea level (masl). It is nestled in the shadows of Stok Kangri and the Zanskar Range. With a view like this, who needs in-flight entertainment? (via Air Vistara flight UK 701)

View of a glacier en route Leh (DEL to IXL) via Vistara Air 701

The comforts of modern life is quickly finding its way to Leh.  It looks like your normal city center lined with shops, cafes, bystanders – except this one happens to be at 3700 masl. (India has quite a number of high altitude settlers!)

One who ventures here will find herself breathless with every step. Each breath feels like your first at this elevation. Our first days were spent in slow motion: sitting down, drinking tea, avoiding stairs as much as possible, and just taking in nice, deep breaths.

4. Endless Roads of Khardung-La


The road to Khardung-la, at 5000+ masl, has no shortage of sharp turns. For every turn, you are in for a scenic surprise.


3. Moonland in Lamayuru Village

Lamayuru Village is home to Tibetan refugees. Tibetans are naturally drawn to high places, and wherever they go they bring the beauty of their culture and faith with them. It is no surprise that Lamayuru is what it is now.

Lamayuru, Ladakh, India

Some carve out their place of worship on mountainsides; some circle a stone. Different ways of expressing the same truth. Northern India is where Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity meet.

The moon-like surface of Lamayuru has inspired tourists and locals alike to name it “Moonland.”  I’d like to believe India is from this world.

2. Two Places At Once in Pangong Tso

Pangong Tso, facing Tibet

India and Tibet share ownership of Pangong Tso. It may not be the largest lake in the region, but it is so big that it spans two countries. As of this writing, it hasn’t decided which country it wants to be join yet.

Pangong Tso, facing Indian

Getting Here.  Start in Leh. Hire car service and stay for a night in the village of Spangmik, where Pangong Tso is easily accessible by walking. It’s 6-7 hours by car from Leh. Do come here acclimatized.  Camp Redstart is a recommendable place to stay. Car service Ms. Tsering Angmo – +91-9906229877, -+91-9906990975 (WhatsApp); Mr. Gurmet Dorjey – +91-9419178984.

1. Nubra Valley in the shadows of The Great Karakoram

I believe these places are places you shouldn’t miss. Go visit them. Or not. India is spiritually and physically stimulating. Northern India is just nuts. (Just take extra caution!)

Ladakh is one of those places that don’t fit in. And I can sense that it has simply stopped trying. Here’s to places that don’t give a shit.

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