Tweets from UXPH 2018 – Navigating Design Crossroads

Tweets from UXPH 2018 – Navigating Design Crossroads

Been so excited to attendΒ UXPH 2018Β ever since I found out my company was sending its designers to the conference. Held on May 26 and 27, 2018 in The Globe Tower, Bonifacio Global City, UXPH: “Navigating Design Crossroads” was strategically split into 15 to 18 sessions that highlight both user experience theory and application. Sharing here my key learnings in Tweets.

UXPH is a conference that cares

You know this conference cares about your health and your happiness. They served overflowing greens, fruits, and tacos.

UXPH wants to design for a better Philippines

In line with its core vision of designing for a better Philippines, UXPH has invited the Department of Information and Communications Technology through Undersecretary Mon Ibrahim. He formally opened the conference.

UX as a science

You are not the average user

A bit of fun and networking in between sessions

Cannot highlight it enough: user empathy is key

UX is nothing without field research

An effective UX designer knows how to not waste time, and recognizes feedback that matter

Let’s stop calling our users “users”. They are people.

This guy gets it.

And of course drinks had to be had on the end of day 1

Being good at listening helps how you come up with solutions

Language – not just visuals – we use in apps ultimately dictate how a user experiences it

An aligned understanding of UX benefits the workplace

Tell the story in a line

Brevity, empathy, people

These are three words that I’ve taken home from the UXPH 2018 conference. Count me in next year.

About UXPH

UXPH2018 Design Conference is a collaborative conference that showcases the possible applications of Design Thinking in technology, business, health, government, and many other fields. It brings together design professionals, UX practitioners, and design stakeholders of these sectors to participate in a dialogue on how Design Thinking can be applied and how it can benefit The Philippines.


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