The Pennsy: Pat La Frieda, The Pennsy Bar

The Pennsy: Pat La Frieda, The Pennsy Bar

The Pennsy (#)
33rd/7th @ Penn Station & MSG
New York


I’ve been hearing about the food hall right above New York Penn Station for a while now. Went and tried it the first chance we had.

  • Like: big windows, bright and airy, industrial look and feel, very accessible
  • Dislike: none as it was my first day in the city and everything impressed me


Video Snap:



The Pennsy houses at least 6 restaurants and a liquor bar. Went for an Original Black Angus Meat Sandwich ($15) at Pat La Frieda who, by the frequency of delivery vans I’ve seen driving around the city, is apparently known for its meat. They consider themselves “meat purveyors.”


Pat La Frieda – Meat Purveyors


To keep jet lag at bay, I went for a Brooklyn Lager ($ 8.00, middle) from The Pennsy Bar that serves beer at 4:30 PM (good thing!). Sarah and Justin got matching Coney Island Lagers ($ 8.00, left and right). Justin and I hardly ever order the same things when together. It’s nice to have variety. I liked Coney Island better than Brooklyn Lager, which was too light for me.


Coney Island Lager (left and right) and Brooklyn Lager (center)
pennsy crew.JPG
The Pennsy Crew! Mai, Marien, Yen, Sarah, Me ♥, Justin, and Blaise


Verdict: I’d go back to try The Lobster Press.

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