VIDEO: Ladakh, India (Full HD • Drone)

VIDEO: Ladakh, India (Full HD • Drone)

Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, India

Ladakh is extremely fragile despite the seemingly impenetrable terrain that surrounds it. Like most mountainous tourist towns, it is welcoming more guests than it can accommodate. It can be contained if both guests and hosts act rather than react to the consequences brought about by tourism inflow.

I would feel irresponsible sharing this video without bearing these reminders.

If and when you decide to go here – or anywhere – leave no trace. Shun plastic bottled water. Walk where possible. Share transportation. Keep quiet. Forego overly luxurious hotels for family-run and eco lodges. Manage your consumption.

It’s really simple. Always leave a place better than you found it.

The real beauty of mountains is experienced up-close. There is nothing more humbling than standing at the foot of a mountain, hands stowed in your pocket, looking up, and receiving the first blessing of sunlight on your face. Being in the mountains, I share the same wave of emotions with someone kneeling inside a church with an answered prayer. Experiencing mountains at this level provides spiritual nourishment for me, which makes all the nuances of going there worth it, I guess.

Drone videos: Justin

Music: ODESZA – A Moment Apart (PS. The A Moment Apart album itself is out of this world)

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