Trail: Merrill Park

Trail: Merrill Park

How one can run or walk a few minutes from one’s house in the city and find oneself in the woods in a matter of minutes still amazes me. Born and bred city girl, I’m accustomed to a few KM’s drive in Manila before finding proper running ground good for trail running. “Nature” was always a day trip and more often not easily accessible. Here in America it feels like everything is within a short drive’s reach.

We got to explore a bit of Merrill Park in Woodbridge, New Jersey for a mix of morning trail and road running.

First order of business: get lost in the woods

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Scenes from in and out Merrill Park

Only run with people you can go crazy with!


Feeling lost but not really


From road to trail to road in about 6 kms!


Here’s our run on Strava:

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