Tokyo Marathon 2019: I Got In!

Tokyo Marathon 2019: I Got In!

My boyfriend thought it’d be fun to submit our names to the Tokyo Marathon 2019 lottery. I was in a conference call on September 25, 2018 when Cali sent me a message that he had gotten his result. I finally received my results only maybe 3 HOURS LATER (imagine my anxiety). Anxiety turned to panic when I learned that Cali hadn’t gotten in.

And that I did.

Tokyo Marathon 2019 Acceptance Email
Tokyo Marathon 2019 acceptance email!

I didn’t want to tell anyone – not until I’ve had the time to quiet my mind, let the confetti settle, and see how I really felt about it. I have never run a marathon, but that is not even the first thing that petrifies me.

See, you had about a week to confirm your slot once you get your acceptance email. This grace period was time for the applicant to figure out logistics, schedule, visas, other personal concerns. This was not the time to double-check one’s intention. I was already convinced I would join, but I’d be lying if I denied a few nights of staring at the ceiling, listening to self-doubt on repeat. Will I be able to will myself to train 4 to 5 times a week? What about yoga and climbing – will I have time to do these things that I really love? And what of that little voice assuring me that all will be well? At some point I hit the F button and confirmed a slot for the longest run of my life.

Then, silence.

I have decided to go with an 18-week training plan. In all honesty I am more excited (with a mix of apprehension, still) to do the training than run the actual race. The race is the summit, I’m here for the climb. My purpose is to enjoy this 18-week journey, however gruelling it may be. There are many things one can train hard for and even be the best at, but it’s the purpose that very easily slips away. I’m excited to see how my work, personal life, and other pursuits – climbing, yoga, cycling – will all fit into the noise.

That little voice grows louder every day that I train. Ready.


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