Day 2, Fuji Rock Festival 2018
A Fuji Rock First Timer’s Report, Day 2

A Fuji Rock First Timer’s Report, Day 2

Day 2

Summary: Today was a short but full Fuji Rock day! Post-rock in the woods, Skrillex and Kendrick Lamar in the rain, and whisky on a cold, windy night. Gore-tex jackets and wearing pants can save ya life.

Day 2 - Fuji Rock Festival 2018
Back at Echigo-yuzawa Station to catch the festival shuttle

We didn’t go back to the festival until late in the afternoon on Day 2. It had been drizzling in Yuzawa in the morning, and forecast said rain was expected throughout Saturday night until Sunday in Naeba (spoiler: it did rain non-stop!). One could not mistake that Typhoon Jongdari has indeed made land-fall. What’s kind of hilarious is that the forecasted hurricane path released days prior the concert cut right through the venue. Not gonna lie: this image haunted me until the start of the festival.

Source: The Mainichi

Yuzawa is only 30 to 40 minutes away from Naeba but their average temperatures dramatically differ. For one, Naeba is at a slightly higher altitude than Yuzawa, and is expected to have cooler temperatures. We geared up for rain and wind and packed the raincoat I bought at 7-11.

Day 2 - Fuji Rock Festival 2018
Gore-tex saves the day

I put on my trust-worthy albeit tattered North Face rain jacket and prepared for what was to be a wet evening. This jacket kept my upper-body dry all night. I didn’t wear waterproof pants, however. In fact, I didn’t wear pants at all, LOL. I wore a cute cotton jumper over a crop top because I thought being cute was more important than staying warm. I was so wrong.

Fuji Rock For Kids

This day was a little busier than yesterday and there were larger groups that came with kids.


Day 2 - Fuji Rock Festival 2018
Little girl caught sight of this tiger mascot from afar and came running to him/her. Awww!

It still amazes me now how Fuji Rock manages to make the festival fun for kids throughout the years – babies included. There was an area called Kids Land – the festival daycare, so to speak – with teepees, tree houses, play houses, and performances. There’s even a DJ school for kids where they can learn how to mix and scratch.

Day 2 - Fuji Rock Festival 2018
DJ School

Scattered across the festival site were several tents for breast-feeding mothers and resting stations for families with infants.

Day 2 - Fuji Rock Festival 2018

But other than that, kids and adults used the same facilities. Kids had to walk the same muddy trails as adults and used the same portalets. Kids didn’t seem to mind! They had all the space they needed to be kids.

Day 2 - Fuji Rock Festival 2018
A magician entertains a small crowd

The Board Walk

We took another stroll along the Board Walk. It is a bit of a walk – about 15-20 minutes on a continuous pace – but you always felt refreshed upon reaching the end.

Day 2 - Fuji Rock Festival 2018
Cali at the Board Walk

It’s also nicely lit and safe at night. You should know that this boardwalk is a one-way street. Once you enter, you make the commitment of finishing it at least half-way if not all the way.

Day 2 - Fuji Rock Festival 2018
Me me me

Well I did see one guy going the opposite direction. No one stopped him but he didn’t get nice looks either.

Day 2 - Fuji Rock Festival 2018
Board Walk art changes every year

“Mokudo Tei”

We saw a bunch of people gathered around a small hut on one side of the Board Walk.

Day 2 - Fuji Rock Festival 2018
Mokudo Tei Stage

This hut was called “Mokudo Tei,” a mini stage that played host to post-rock and experimental artist-performers. The stage couldn’t have been a more perfect setting for those seeking a momentary rest away from the crowd while staying within earshot from live music.

Day 2 - Fuji Rock Festival 2018
Performer Kenji Ozawa

Fuji Rock in its entirety is in the middle of a forest. But this one was even deeper into the forest. The area where the stage was set wasn’t meant to host a huge audience. Easily one of my favorite stages!

Day 2 - Fuji Rock Festival 2018
A small crowd gathering at Mokudo Tei

The Green Stage – Skrillex & Kendrick Lamar


Day 2 - Fuji Rock Festival 2018
Green Stage crowd

We wanted to catch Skrillex and Kendrick Lamar’s sets so it was time to go to the Green Stage. As with any concert, if you wanted get a good spot, you gotta be willing to stand up hours for it. We didn’t really care for that today. We camped ourselves on a tiny hill east of the stage, where there was also a decent LED view.


Day 2 - Fuji Rock Festival 2018
Raincoats and whisky

Tip: Green Stage is the biggest stage and it is landscaped amidst tiny hills. This works to your advantage. Even if you stood far across the stage, a good elevated spot would give you an ace view. Nothing still beats front row/mosh pit, of course. High five.

Day 2 - Fuji Rock Festival 2018
Skrillex at Green Stage

It started to pour really hard during Skrillex’s set.


Day 2 - Fuji Rock Festival 2018
Kendrick Lamar at Green Stage

We called it a night after Kendrick Lamar.

This day is a perfect example of the pitfalls of putting more importance to cuteness than function. I thought a jacket would suffice. I know better now! My only outfit tip is to invest in a waterproof jacket & pants (or poncho) that you can layer over your outfit in case it rains. One thing I know is I’m wearing pants tomorrow. Now, back to my suitcase!

Day 2 - Fuji Rock Festival 2018
In the shuttle back to Yuzawa. We done for the day!

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